[ 2017 - 09 - 05 ]

DMU joins the “Silk Road” Chinese Government Scholarship Program initiated by the Ministry of Education

Recently DMU joined the “Silk Road” Chinese government scholarship program initiated by the Ministry of Education and has fulfilled the enrollment plan with 15 doctor students and 2 postgraduate students admitted.

The “Silk Road” Chinese government scholarship program, established by the Ministry of Education in April this year, aims to help implement the “One Belt One Road” strategy, deepen China’s education cooperation with the countries along the road, and cultivate professionals and excellent skilled personnel for them. The program is focused on personnel cultivation in four major sectors including high-tech, basic energy, modern service, and policy and finance, for which every college or university can file an application on its own.

During the process of application, we pushed through the limitations of specialty setup based on the strength of our extensive influence formed when we educated more than 1,000 medical students from the countries along the road, our strategy adjusted in 2016 to focus on producing top-level talents and our breakthrough objective to train doctoral students for Pakistan, finally being allowed to recruit 15 candidates and 2 alternate ones. This has opened a new channel for us to recruit and educate high-level foreign students.

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